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Resurgence – Press Kit

Here you will find anything you might need to get more informed about Pixel by Pixel’s game “PC Game 1”.If there is any information you require beyond what we have presented please feel free reach out to us.

Game Info:

Developer: Pixel by Pixel Studios

Release Date: 1 Oct 2017

Platforms: PC (Steam Marketplace)


Price: $4.99

Availability: Digital Download

Languages: English


Size: Approx. 3 GB

Store Link: Steam Store Link

Social Media Links: FacebookTwitter. 


This game is a 3rd person shooter where the player takes control of a combat robot. The player will become one with their robot, heading out into different game modes to increase stats and skills. This game play will be fast paced and easy to pick up. Customizing the skills and the look of the robot will be just as entertaining as playing the different game modes offered.


In the year A.D. 2125, an alien race we named the Nautilus have returned in an all-out assault against Earth. Twenty-five years earlier, humanity barely survived total annihilation from their initial pre-emptive strike.

As an ocean-dwelling species, the Nautilus, or “Nots”, considered the vast oceans and diverse ecosystem of our planet as a priceless resource. But the Nots had no intention on sharing the planet or its abundant wealth with us. After the First Wave killed millions, billions were systematically exterminated. The tattered shreds of humanity that remained formed a coalition government known as E.U., or Earth United.

Years later, by adapting the organic-based technology used by the Nots, humanity was able to create a synthetic nervous system which they used to commandeer the Mk I R.A.V. (Remote-controlled Assault Vehicles), organic-tekk combat robots that are the first and only line of defense against the alien invader onslaught.

We could no longer afford to waste the most precious resource we have remaining — human life.

Earth needed the best of the best, so an program initiated named Project Prodigy was conceived, a specialized program designed to recruit and train the few humans capable of operating the Mk I R.A.V. combat robots.

Inspired by the Greek Mythology of old earth, a new defence force was created, each with their own distinct branch of specialization:

Immortalized by the gods in the stars, the Orion is a mythical hunter, an elite ranged-unit with the ability to strike at single- or multi-targets with unparalleled precision and devastating effects.

One the most fearsome and formidable warrior classes of Charlemagne’s court was the Paladin, who is now the frontline order of the E.U. army. Equipped in near-impenetrable armor, unmatched in close-quarter combat, they protect humanity against their extra-terrestrial enemies on a righteous crusade of redemption and revenge.

Last, but not least, are the Teknocrats, the last branch of the new world armada. These elite technical experts are able to adapt and overcome any obstacle. The “Teks” are the prodigy of our generation and their skill is only limited by their imagination.

If the Orions are the spear, and the Paladins are the shield of the new world army, then the Teks are the hammer.

Our three orders were able to resist and eventually drive back the Nots, casting them out from lakes, rivers and oceans, off our planet. To this day, the E.U is still recovering from that terrible cost and sacrifice. But, with the latest advancements in technology, and the creation of the new MK II R.A.V.s, we can continue to run incursions and strike at strategic targets using skirmishing tactics, but we cannot afford all-out war with the Nots — or with any one of the other alien races roaming our quadrant and attempting to invade Earth.

The arena is where a noble warrior can hone his skills and prove his worth on common battleground. It is where new soldiers gain experience and learn to more efficiently mesh with the organic-tek NERO network, where they learn to use the combat robots as an extension of their own mental will. From there, only the very best of the best are chosen to be part of an elite strike-force known as The Argonauts, where they are sent into the stars in hopes of stopping the complete extinction of our race.

This is our Resurgence…


  • Story Mode (Fight Through Different Story Missions)
  • Arena Fighter Mode (Fight against waves of enemies to level up your robot)
  • Procedural Skill Trees
  • Multiplayer Action
  • Exciting Loots System
  • Weapon Upgrading
  • Projectile Effects
  • Character Customization