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Crazy Economy Craft – Press Kit

Here you will find anything you might need to get more informed about Pixel by Pixel’s game “Crazy Economy Craft”.If there is any information you require beyond what we have presented please feel free reach out to us.

Game Info

Developer: Pixel by Pixel Studios

Release Date: BETA 1 June 2017

Platforms: Android


Price: FREE

Availability: Digital Download

Languages: English


Size: N/A

Store Page: Google Play Store Link

Social Media Links: FacebookTwitter. 


Crazy Economy Craft is a economy driven game. Players are welcomed in as the Town Mayor and challenged to Gather, Craft and Trade. Trading occurs over a live auction house with all the other players playing the game. This game is meant to be played by people of all ages and all gaming backgrounds. It can be as simple or as complex based on how you want to play.  Being able to level up workers, craft tools and plan out where they will work, players can challenge themselves by raising those skills as high as possible. Every time a worker is a part of a yield at a gathering node they gain experience towards their overall level. When a worker levels up it is given a skill point which can be assigned to one of three skills. When it comes to crafting players have a skill pertaining to each type of tools that is craftable. As a players skill gets higher they become better at crafting that type of tools. So when it comes to becoming the best, players must choose wisely on what they wish to become proficient at. CEC is meant to allow players to be as casual or as hardcore as they wish to be. Welcome ALL types of players.


  • Simple Design
  • Player Driven Economy and Trade System
  • Level up Workers to gain proficiency in 3 specific worker skills
  • Level up Crafting skills to become a Proficient Crafter
  • Level up Inventory Slots to Hold more of a Resource Type
  • Simple Auction House for Live Player to Player Trading
  • Login with Facebook
  • Freemium Model (In App Purchases)