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Our games

Crazy Economy Craft is a economy driven game. Players are welcomed in as the Town Mayor and challenged to Gather, Craft and Trade. This game is meant to be played by people of all ages and all gaming backgrounds. It can be as simple or as complex based on how you want to play.

Resurgence is a third person shooter where teams of 4 enter Earth’s new colosseum. Fight endless waves of enemies to become the wall that stands between humanity and the world be destroyed from the stars.

Twitch Balls is a Marble Racing game meant to be interfaced with Twitch Streamers and their Viewers. The streamer would load up the game, setup the Marble Customization they are most interested in, and move into play mode.

About us

Pixel by Pixel is a Game Development Studio founded in 2017. The studio was founded on the basis to assist students in gaining the experience required to enter the industry. Most larger studios now require 3-5+ years of experience to even apply, which is unrealistic for a student who is graduating or has recently graduated. Pixel by Pixel Studios wants to solve this dilemma in the industry while making fun and intuitive games. 

MICHAEL – Founder/Lead Developer

BRENDON – Technical Director

TOM – Lead Artist

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